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I'm a self-taught artist that is always willing to try and learn new things. I work mainly in colored pencil. I am a member of the CPSA of America. My family is my reason for living and my art is my second reason. I am a very giving and caring person. My passion is beauty and I love creating it in my artwork.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"I Take Thee" Finished Finally!!!

Well, its only been over a month since I was first posting on this picture. Within that month or longer of time I had restarted this picture 4 times, always a mistake in the same spot!! It seems that Stonehenge paper doesn't take to kindly to being erased on for one matter and for the other starting with the brides pinky finger first by the time I would reach her thumb it seemed I couldn't get the thumb nail to come out right, and would need to erase, but my electric eraser was to small and would mark the paper with indentations and then I would trash it. Then to really make matters worse, when I was transferring the line drawing from my rough draft paper to the final paper, I was using to much pressure and making deep pressure lines which would also screw it up. Finally, I found a way to do it without using any pressure at all, with a little help from a friend..LOL ( thanks Jeanette!!). After the 4th line drawing I finally got started on what turned out to be a great picture. I swear it only tooks me about 90 hours of working on it, which I never ever have spent that much time on a picture. All I can say is it was well worth the wait. Feel free to tell me yourself and leave comments...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lagging Behind!!

Well, I have been really lagging behind. Between working, trying to keep the house, and tending the kids it's really amazing I find time for art at all. This week though, I really have to start my big project. I really want to do the large version of the " I Take Thee" picture for the Mid-Western Color Pencil Exhibit. I pretty much only have a month to do it, so let's keep our fingers crossed it comes out the way I would like it too.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am promising myself today, that I will try to have another update on my " I Take Thee" picture I am currently working on. I would really like to finish it soon, so that I can start my bigger version of the picture. With working night, kids during the day and housework, its kind of hard trying to fit time in between. Feel free to look back for upcoming updates....