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I'm a self-taught artist that is always willing to try and learn new things. I work mainly in colored pencil. I am a member of the CPSA of America. My family is my reason for living and my art is my second reason. I am a very giving and caring person. My passion is beauty and I love creating it in my artwork.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I am promising myself today, that I will try to have another update on my " I Take Thee" picture I am currently working on. I would really like to finish it soon, so that I can start my bigger version of the picture. With working night, kids during the day and housework, its kind of hard trying to fit time in between. Feel free to look back for upcoming updates....

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Maricello said...

Well I understand the constraints of time. Your work on this piece is beautiful, and I like it the way it is now, with the hands emerging out of the plain white paper.